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Expand/Collapse TopicBaker v. Trans Union, TransUnion Interactive (True Credit...
Expand/Collapse TopicDr. Hollander v. Christine Baker
Expand/Collapse TopicBaker v. I.C. System and collectors Dave, Karen and Turonda
Expand/Collapse TopicBaker v. United Online (NetZero)
Expand/Collapse TopicBaker v. Trans Union, Equifax, Experian, Dana Capital, NC...
Expand/Collapse TopicHillis / Slack v. Equifax + Fair Isaac class action
Expand/Collapse TopicBaker v. Focus Receivables and James Hurd
12/5/06 Complaint
My Motion to Vacate the Confidentiality Order
2/20/08: My Motion to Vacate the Confidentiality Order
Focus Motion to Enforce Confidentiality Order and for San...
1/2/08 - Focus Motion to Enforce Confidentiality Order
1/9/08: My Objections and Motion to Vacate or in the Alte...
1/9/08: Notice of Deposition of Focus attorney Cynthia Fu...
12/5/07 -- Focus/Hurd $3,000 offer of judgment
8/10/07 Case Management Order
Discovery issues
11/8 and 11/15 attempts to compel discovery responses
11/15/07: Order granting Motion for Reconsideration in part
11/23/07: 3rd Motion for Leave re. discovery issues
11/26/07: Order filing my Motion to Compel and setting he...
12/7/07 hearing: Order for defendant to reimburse my out...
12/10/07 Confidentiality Order
Focus Receivables LLC
12/13/06: Request for Waiver of Service
1/8/07: Focus Answer
James Hurd, Focus collector
6/16/07: my Initial Disclosures
7/19/07: Focus discovery responses
Misc. court orders
4/4/07: Order to show cause (service)
4/4/07: Order to show cause (service)
4/17/07: My Response
4/20/07: Order granting extension to serve Hurd by 5/21/07
4/23/07: Order to show cause (improper joinder)
4/20/07: Order to show cause (multiple defendants)
5/10/07: my Response requesting permission to amend comp...
5/16/07: Order to dismiss TU, NCO, Dana Capital and Equi...
4/17/07: my Motion requesting permission to file electro...
4/17/07: Motion to grant permission to file electronically
4/20/07 Order granting permission
5/10/07: my Motion for reimbursement of costs of service
5/10/07: my Motion for Reimbursement of Costs
5/21/07: TU Objection to Costs
5/29/07: NCO Objection to Costs
6/1/07: My Reply in Support of Costs
6/4/07: Order granting costs
6/4/07: Order setting case management conference
6/4/07: Order setting case management conference
6/16/07: my Initial Disclosures
6/16/07: my Discovery Requests to Focus
Dismissed defendants
4/9/07: NCO attorney Michelle Lyon request for 30 day ex...
4/23/07: NCO Answer
4/19/07 Equifax Answer
Dana Capital
Trans Union
4/23/07: TU Answer
4/20/07 DirecTV Motion to Dismiss
The docket
3/4/09: Court of Appeals CONFIRMED
Expand/Collapse TopicBaker v. Capital One, Equifax, Ameriquest and Target (RNB...
Expand/Collapse TopicBaker v. Fair Isaac, CRAs , American Agencies, Pacific B...
Expand/Collapse TopicBaker v. Access Sales (aka and many other junk f...
Expand/Collapse TopicBaker v. Midern Inc. (Sager Notebooks)
Expand/Collapse TopicBaker v. First Magnus Financial DBA Great Southwest Mortgage
Expand/Collapse TopicSearle v S&P Capital and Citifinancial
Expand/Collapse TopicRandy v. CRAs, First USA - Bank One, Fleet and Discover
Expand/Collapse TopicCrystal v. FNANB (Circuit City)
Expand/Collapse TopicAmeriCredit accounting FRAUD and PERJURY
Expand/Collapse TopicEleanor Chase v. First USA, Trans Union and Equifax
Expand/Collapse TopicWells Fargo & many other banks - Lynette is NOT the only ...
Expand/Collapse TopicTyrelle v. Holloway Credit
Expand/Collapse TopicNH Higher Ed (NHHEAF) re-aging ALL defaulted PAID studen...
Expand/Collapse TopicCapital One - exempt from FCRA and Truth in Lending Act?
Expand/Collapse TopicCapital One and Amerix, fka Genus Credit Management (coll...
Expand/Collapse TopicWells Fargo Bank v. Robex, Inc. and Rebecca Adams
Expand/Collapse TopicEquifax
Expand/Collapse TopicEquifax and CSC WILLFUL Enablement of Identity Theft
Expand/Collapse TopicTrans Union
Expand/Collapse TopicExperian - -
Expand/Collapse TopicSnake oil scores: CreditXpert and bureau scores
Expand/Collapse TopicProvidian
Expand/Collapse TopicAfter bankruptcy credit reporting violations
Expand/Collapse TopicCollector and Creditor FCRA & FDCPA documented violations...
Expand/Collapse TopicFTC - Congress
Expand/Collapse TopicDecline letters - damages
Expand/Collapse - PrivacyGuard
Expand/Collapse TopicFair Isaac - the designers of the credit scoring fraudware
Expand/Collapse TopicFirst USA - Bank One - First Bank
Expand/Collapse TopicHousehold - HFC - Orchard - Beneficial
Expand/Collapse TopicAttorneys - Pro Se - Publish
Expand/Collapse TopicLinks to articles, case law, etc

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