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CreditData SW - Merchant Information Solutions (MIS)
8/5/03: Answer
2/10/04: MIS Motion for Summary Judgment, Statement of Facts, Affidavit, 21 Exhibits
4/14/04: My Objection, Memorandum, Response to Statement of Facts, Affidavit
4/23/04: MIS Response
5/19/04: My Supplemental Memorandum
5/21/04: MIS Motion to Strike my Supplemental Memorandum
5/24/04: Oral Argument
6/18/04: Order denying MSJ
3/06: settled
Christine22 25 06-24-04  06:47 am
7/16/03: Nelnet finally sent the Waiver WITH the Answer.

"Plaintiff's damages were caused, in part, by her own comparative fault/contributory negligence."

I should have sued sooner?

And of course they know NOTHING and deny EVERYTHING.

3/06: settled
Christine19 19 11-12-03  10:34 pm
T-Mobile (Deutsche Telekom)
6/24/03 Answer:

"25. Plaintiff's claims are barred, in whole or in part, by her consent.

WHEREFORE: T-Mobile demands judgment:

A. Dismissing with prejudice each and every claim of the Complaint againt T-Mobile;

B. Awarding T-Mobile its attorneys' fees and costs and court costs incurred in defending this matter; and

C. Awarding T-Mobile such other and further relief as the Court deems just and proper."

3/05: Accepted $3,000 offer of judgment
Christine11 12 02-18-05  04:53 am
Capital One
Dismissed for late service, defendant in my 2004 suit
Christine09-02-03  05:08 pm
Compass Bank
Declined checking account application without providing any reason whatsoever

David Scott LIED about not having received the Complaint with the Request for Waiver!

9/25/03: filed one of the stranger Motions to Dismiss.

10/14/03 - My Objection and Motion to Compel Compass Bank to answer my complaint.

Christine18 19 10-22-03  02:55 am
Their legal agent, Corporation Service Company, *lost* the Complaint.

10/3/03: Mailed again to CSC.

Dismissed for late service, defendant in my 2004 suit.
 09-25-07  10:01 pm
Experian CEO Craig Smith
8/12/03: Notice of Motion and Motion to Dismiss and Memorandum of Points and Authorities Thereof and Notice of 10/20 Hearing.

8/28/03: My Objection

9/8/03: Craig Smith reply

The Experian worldwide CEO Craig Smith might get dismissed, but he will never be able to claim that he doesn't know about the FRAUD, tri-merged reports not even close to FCRA compliance, snake oil scores and the Experian intentional and malicious FCRA violations.
Christine19 23 09-21-03  01:58 am
Fair Isaac - credit scoring
1/26/04: Fair Isaac dismissed for lack of subjectc matter jurisdiction

A RICO suit is what it takes.
Christine22 26 02-03-04  05:04 am
12/22/03: The FTC & FCC filed a their motion to dismiss because they are "immune".

1/26/04: Assuming that's correct, I obviously don't have a reason to object.

However, I did submit 17 pages with the summaries of some of the problems with credit reporting, scoring and ID theft and many exhibts. I also sent them ALL my previous filings and exhibits.

They won't be able to claim that they didn't know.

It will be up to the legislators and voters to ensure that a Federal CONSUMER Commission is established. The FTC, FCC and the FRBs are ONLY protecting corporate profits.

Who do you VOTE for?
Christine01-27-04  05:56 am
Household (Orchard Bank)
9/22/03: Household was dismissed because all claims were time barred.

Household never disputed any of my allegations and never offered as much as one penny for compensation. And they lied and lied and lied ...

Lesson learned: hurry up and sue!

10/11/03: My e-mail to Lisa Coulter and Carrie M. Francis, Snell & Willmer, congratulating to the dismissal and advising of my publications at
Christine40 43 10-11-03  03:28 pm
Pacific Bell
10/7/03: Pacific Bell admits that they KNEW about my disputes. And then they maliciously sold this fraudulent account to subject me to further collection activity.

2/24/04: My motion for reconsideration of the dismissal due to personal jurisdiction was denied, apparently due to perjury by Pacific Bell manager Zulkifli Iljas.

It's odd how their false and misleading affidavit is God's word and my affidavit and documentation counts for nothing. That's especially disturbing since I've proven that they defrauded me and to date, Pacific Bell (SBC) has not offered one penny.

Press Release - Appeal - Retaliate
Christine30 33 02-25-04  12:03 am
Trans Union CEO Harry Gambill
My 1/29/04 objection to Mr. Gambill's motion to dismiss.

I tried to summarize my problems with Trans Union.
Christine02-16-04  04:49 am
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond & James McAfee
3/2/04 dismissed for lack of jurisdiction

My new mission: Put James McAfee in prison for corruption, conspiracy and obstruction of justice

I filed my complaint with the FRB 11/12/02, James McAfee promised an investigation, but failed to do so. They were served with the federal complaint in August 2003. They were dismissed on 3/2/04.

Please do read my objection and review the exhibits. People literally die because the regulators fail to enforce consumer protection legislation.

TO DATE Capital One is not reporting the credit limits and the FRB and Mr. McAfee refuse to enforce the FCRA.
Christine09-16-04  07:39 pm
Professional Recovery
8/6/03: Dismissed

Settled for UDF, CEO statement and $1,000
Christine11-10-03  11:51 pm
10/7/03: They keep stringing me along, promised to waive service, but I'm not sure where this is going.

1/04: Settled
Christine12-07-03  04:54 pm
Trans Union
The filings not pertaining to CEO Gambill. TU answered in December, but sent to an incorrect address. I still have to scan it.

On 2/5/04, TU filed their Motion For Security For Costs. (scanned)

The subsequent TU motion to dismiss due to late service was granted.
Christine13 14 08-26-04  04:47 am
Verizon Wireless
7/22/03: Answer
2/14/06: Motion for Summary Judgement
3/20/06: My Objection
4/4/06: The Verizon Reply and Response to Controverting Statement of Facts
4/14/06: Verizon Motion for Protective Order and Stay of Discovery
4/26/06: My Objection
4/26/06: Order granting Discovery Stay
Christine04-26-06  08:09 pm
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