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Some of the exhibits link to the actual documents.

I will post additional exhibits as time permits, unfortunately it takes many hours to scan, repost and annotate the literally hundreds of pages.

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11/12/02: complaint about Cap One to Federal Reserve Bank of Richmo...
Capital One categorically refuses to report the credit limit.

Their "regulator" is the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, who failed to investigate my complaint and was named in my suit.
Christine Baker01-30-03  11:23 pm
3/28/04 - My renewed complaint about Cap One to Federal Reserve Ban...Christine04-02-04  02:32 am
Household: Exhibits A - E
EXHIBIT A - 5/25/03 misdelivered Waiver of Service
EXHIBIT B - 9/8/2000 Household letter promising deletion
EXHIBIT C - 6/21/01 Certified Domestic Return Receipt
EXHIBIT D - 10/26/01 letter from Household
EXHIBIT E - 10/29/01 fax to Household with court papers
Christine12 09-01-03  06:41 am Exhibits F - L
EXHIBIT F - Trans Union and Equifax locked plaintiff’s credit files to prevent her from obtaining her online consumer disclosures and FICO scores.

EXHIBIT G - Plaintiff’s communications regarding the inaccurate and incomplete reports and the occasional “hard” score lowering inquiries and printouts from their web site.

EXHIBIT H – Plaintiff’s tri-merged report dated 8/9/03 with the CreditXpert Experian score of 701

EXHIBIT I – Plaintiff’s CreditExpert Experian consumer disclosure dated 8/9/03 with Experian score 681

EXHIBIT J – Plaintiff’s PrivacyGuard tri-merged report dated 8/9/03

EXHIBIT K – Plaintiff’s myFICO Experian credit report with the FICO credit score of 659 and various “educational” printouts from the web site.

EXHIBIT L – Plaintiff’s snail mailed 8/5/03 Trans Union credit report.
Christine01-17-04  10:32 pm
Craig Smith, Experian CEO: Exhibits M - Q
EXHIBIT M - The GUS 2003 Annual Review and Summary Financial Statement

EXHIBIT N – Experian STILL refuses to report the Capital One credit limits

EXHIBIT O – Carla Blair, Experian, 1/5/01 deposition

EXHIBIT P – Plaintiff’s notices to the CRAs, requesting termination of access

EXHIBIT Q – Plaintiff’s 11/12/02 complaint to J. Alfred Broaddus, Jr., President, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, “regulator” for Capital One
Christine03-24-04  12:39 am
Compass Bank: Exhibits R - T
EXHIBIT R -- Communications with Compass Bank
EXHIBIT S – The Kingman Justice Court small claims suits
EXHIBIT T – The Capital One checks and the Compass Bank decline to deposit those checks
Christine11 13 10-26-03  06:05 pm
Pacific Bell: Exhibits U - V
EXHIBIT U - Pacific Bell cancelled check, statements and disputes
EXHIBIT V – A variety of complaints about Pacific Bell collection agency American Agencies
Christine10 11 11-11-03  06:22 am
Fair Isaac: Exhibits W - X
EXHIBIT W: Fair Isaac admits in consumer advertisements that FICO scores are inaccurate, plaintiff’s American Agencies account and the incorrect date utilized by FICO scores, PEMCO insurance credit scores, plaintiff’s requests to Trans Union and Equifax to not be scored by FICO scores again, Fair Isaac collection activities.

EXHIBIT X: Plaintiff’s many attempts to get information about FICO scores from Fair Isaac CEO Thomas Grudnowski and employees Thomas Quinn and Barry Paperno.
Christine01-17-04  09:53 pm
Capital One: Exhibits Y - Z
EXHIBIT Y - Capital One and the many “distinct and separate” entities
EXHIBIT Z – The Waiver of Service and attempts to contact Capital One
Christine01-17-04  10:06 pm
FTC & FCC: Exhibits AA - AI
EXHIBIT AA - 1/23/04 (PrivacyGuard) tri-merged report
EXHIBIT AB - 1/21/04 Experian report with 658 FICO score
EXHIBIT AC - 1/21/04 Experian CreditExpert report
EXHIBIT AD - The FTC is not enforcing FCRA, ignoring complaints and its own Consent Decrees
EXHIBIT AE - FTC web site publications about Identity Theft
EXHIBIT AF - More FTC advertisements for the CRAs
EXHIBIT AG - FCC proof of service as filed with the Court.
EXHIBIT AH - T-Mobile refusal to cancel plaintiff’s T-Mobile account.
EXHIBIT AI - Verizon (GTE) billing fraud and the FCC refusal to investigate.
Christine02-29-04  12:52 am
Trans Union CEO Harry Gambill: Exhibits AJ
1) 1/29/03 – $1,300,000 Amended Judgment, Thomas v. Trans Union
2) 12/29/03 – Trans Union credit reporting with “Balance/Past due” amounts higher than “Most Owed” and many undated late payments.
3) 8/10/01 - Plaintiff’s letter to Harry Gambill
4) 1/4/02 - Plaintiff’s letter to Harry Gambill. 5) 8/6/03 - Trans Union deleted plaintiff’s two positive FCNB accounts.
6) 8/6/03 – Trans Union split file with only the JC Penney account.
Christine02-29-04  06:21 am
Trans Union: Exhibit AK
EXHIBIT AK: Plaintiff's 4/19/01 $2,500 judgment against ARM Computer
 03-13-07  12:19 pm
FRB Richmond & James McAfee: Exhibits AL - AN
EXHIBIT AL: 1/30/03 fax request to James McAfee requesting update
EXHIBIT AM: The Balance/Limit spreadsheets from the web site
EXHIBIT AN: 2/27/04 incorrect and incomplete CIC tri-merged with all 3 snake oil scores, the B/L ratio spreadsheet and 2/28/04 letter to Experian/CIC.
Christine03-03-04  12:58 am
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