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CreditCourt Forum » AmeriCredit accounting FRAUD and PERJURY  

ACCOUNTING FRAUD is a very common practice by many American companies with customers who filed for bankruptcy and/or who used payment methods not easily traceable, such as money orders and wire transfers.

AmeriCredit decided not to credit Lynette's payments, even after the receipts were submitted!

AmeriCredit didn't send statements or late notices, they sent their repo thugs instead.

Wells Fargo tried to foreclose while Lynette had made MORE than the minimum payments: "Wells Fargo and the Buckley Firm conspiring to fraudulently foreclose on Lynette's home" Wells Fargo and The Buckley Firm are fully aware of my allegations, yet they never objected.

On 4/10/03, AmeriCredit filed suit against Lynette, and AmeriCredit Account Manager Eddie Best committed perjury.

5/8/03: AmeriCredit and Scott Hyman with Severson & Werson are full aware of the perjury, but have done nothing.

Who will liberate the hard working Americans whose lives and families are maliciously destroyed by Corporate America?

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Florida AG is investigating and other updatesChristine01-16-04  12:06 am
6/2/03 - AmeriCredit appoints CPA John R Clay as Director - maybe h...
"Mr. Clay is a certified public accountant and has authored several accounting articles and financial publications."

""We're delighted to add professionals of this caliber to our board of directors," said AmeriCredit Chairman and CEO Clifton H. Morris Jr."

We'll have to contact Mr. Clay for his explanation of the AmeriCredit accounting practices.
Christine Baker06-03-03  03:23 pm
5/28/03 - Severson response to Lynette's dispute
The repo is on hold, new accounting is included, now they added the interest of $3,305.91, for a total of $8,291.65!

This is the 4th figure we got, ranging from $4,671.18 to $13,044.75
Christine Baker06-08-03  01:09 am
5/27/03 - the Answer filed by LynetteChristine Baker06-07-03  08:53 pm
5/8/03 - fax DISPUTE to Scott Hyman, Severson & WersonChristine Baker05-08-03  05:32 pm
4/29/03 - Severson & Werson letter advising of the right to dispute...Christine Baker05-05-03  04:34 pm
4/27/03 - Notice to Eddie Best, Americredit, advising of perjuryChristine Baker04-28-03  03:38 am
4/10/03 - AmeriCredit files suit against Lynette and commits perjury
AmeriCredit claims $13,044.75 are owed!
Christine Baker10 04-27-03  10:17 pm
4/8/03 - Notice of publication and impending press releaseChristine Baker04-08-03  04:14 am
3/24/03 - The AmeriCredit accounting
It took serious legal threats, a strong indicator of corporate fraud.

AmeriCredit claims $4,985.75 are owed.
Christine Baker04-08-03  04:55 am
3/24/03 - Carrie Matthies, AmeriCredit sends accounting
AmeriCredit REFUSES any further assistance
Christine Baker03-27-03  01:18 am
3/24/03 - Ignored e-mail and 3/24 Intent to sue to Carrie Matthies,...
"I offered in e-mail to Ms. Whitten to pay the amount necessary to bring the account current to stop the repo efforts."

On 3/18/03, Alice Whitten replied to me:

"The account is due for the June 28, 2002 payment which totals $4,671.18"
Christine Baker03-24-03  03:45 pm
3/18/03 -- e-mail from Carrie Matthies, Legal Assistant, AmeriCredit
"Christine. I will be providing assistance with the referenced account. Can you please give me your address and telephone number?"
Christine Baker03-22-03  10:56 pm
3/17/03 - Christine's e-mail to Alice Whitten
"Also, please provide me with the current accounting for the loan"
Christine Baker05-21-03  07:19 pm
3/13/03 - 3:18 AM - Regal Recovery repo thugs bang on Lynette's doo...
The repo thugs attempted to enter Lynette's home and continually rang the door bell until her girls were awake and terrified. Lynette called the police.
Christine Baker03-31-03  02:50 pm
12/16/02 - $400 9057818939 to AmeriCredit via Western Union
AmeriCredit refused to post this payment until Lynette provided proof of payment.
Christine Baker03-27-03  12:53 am
12/13/02 - $400 9052433759 to AmeriCredit via Western Union
AmeriCredit has NOT credited this payment!
Christine Baker03-28-03  12:15 am
10/18/02 - $1,200 to AmeriCredit in money orders
As per the 3/24/03 AmeriCredit accounting, these payments STILL have not been posted. We are still waiting to find out what happened with the money orders.
Christine Baker03-28-03  01:28 am
9/30/02 - $400 9052820813 to AmeriCredit via Western Union
AmeriCredit refused to post this payment until Lynette provided proof of payment.

Lynette requested accounting.
Christine Baker03-27-03  12:42 am
9/20/02 - $400 9052799547 to AmeriCredit via Western Union
AmeriCredit refused to post this payment until Lynette provided proof of payment.
Christine Baker03-27-03  12:48 am
Class Action Lawsuit Against AmeriCredit Corporation On Behalf of I...
"Among other things, plaintiff alleges that defendants' material omissions and the dissemination of materially false and misleading statements regarding the nature of AmeriCredit's revenues and earnings caused AmeriCredit's stock price to become artificially inflated, causing huge damages for investors.

Specifically, the complaint alleges that defendants were improperly deferring delinquent loans to avoid consumer defaults so AmeriCredit would have access to cash which otherwise would have been restricted."
Christine Baker01-30-03  03:57 pm
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