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CreditCourt Forum » Randy v. CRAs, First USA - Bank One, Fleet and Discover  

The 8/18/03 letter from the Office of the President is the all time best documentation of the First USA/Bank One disregard for the FCRA.

Julie Girmscheid wrote:

"The credit reporting that reflects, Charged Off with a balance, accurately shows that the balance was taken as a loss to the Bank and reflects your relationship with us at the time we received your notice of bankruptcy."

Doesn't Ms. Girmscheid know that credit reporting has to be UPDATED to be ACCURATE?

Just because an account once was open does NOT mean that it will always be reported as open. Just because you once owed doesn't mean that this balance should ALWAYS be reported.

Every time the status of an accounts changes, the reporting has to be UPDATED. The purpose of a bankruptcy is to ELIMINATE the debts.

Why does FUSA think they can report a debt that does not exist?

While only the regulators can enforce the "accurate" reporting requirements, the verifications after consumer disputes are FCRA violations the consumers can file suit over.

Get your documentation together, your disputes, the bureaus results, your damages, then sue the CRAs AND Bank One/First USA.

Please post any comments and questions in First USA - Bank One - First Bank

I got behind on posting updates here, but Randy now has his own website with scans and updates and don't miss Randy's blog.

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Bank One inquiries without permissible purposeChristine04-28-04  04:45 am
3/2/04 - FUSA Motion to ArbitrateChristine03-04-04  12:15 am
11/12/03 - Randy filed his complaint in PA federal courtChristine12-03-03  03:15 pm
10/13/03 - Equifax re-aged First USA to 3/2003 DLA (65 kb)
The Beacon score is only 655, FICO rates the re-aged First USA account as a 3/2003 delinquency instead of 9/98.
Christine10-22-03  03:25 am
Trans Union BLATENT disregard for the FCRA!
Trans Union has the nerve to demand that Randy provide them with the discharge papers.

They HAD been reporting this account as discharged!

At Trans Union it's "GUILTY until proven innocent." Read the complaint for Eleanor Chase v. First USA, Trans Union and Equifax, and you'll see that it does no good to send the discharge papers to TU, they'll STILL refuse to report correctly.

Trans Union prides itself not only in extreme incompetence, but damages MILLIONS of consumers willfully and maliciously.
Christine09-28-03  06:09 pm
8/28/03 - Experian RE-AGED the account, no bk notation
In response to the balance dispute, Experian RE-AGED the account and deleted the bk notation.
Christine09-25-03  05:41 am
8/5/03 - Trans Union reporting with DELINQUENT balance (145 kb)...Christine09-25-03  05:32 am
8/18/03 - scan of Bank One letter re. OCC complaint (58 kb)
In response to the OCC complaint, Bank One's Julie Girmscheid proudly proclaims that they INTENTIONALLY report delinquent balances for discharged accounts!

You've got to see it to believe it.
Christine09-25-03  05:22 am
6/5/03 - Experian reports "recent balance"Christine09-25-03  05:49 am
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