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CreditCourt Forum » Wells Fargo & many other banks - Lynette is NOT the only one to be wrongfully foreclosed on!  

Lynette's published WF case proves that Wells Fargo committed perjury and fraud.

They got away with it, and they will continue to get away with it until the victims stop endulging in their victim status, publicize the fraud and unite to fight back.

While California revoked the WF mortgage lending license, federal court ruled that they don't NEED a California license to do business in California and STATE consumer protection laws don't apply to national banks.

10/3/03: This topic is CLOSED to new postings due to the total absence of activism and willingness or ability by the "victims" to fight for their rights.

The whining and complaining is so disgusting, I can't take it anymore.

My advice: FIGHT for your rights - or just live in your house as long as you can without making any payments and then hand over the keys.

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3/3/97 - my letter to Home Savings after they refused my paymentChristine11-10-03  09:55 pm
Request for accounting after bankruptcyChristine10-31-03  07:50 pm
Get your accounting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Christine10-31-03  06:23 pm
Banker Sued Over Alleged Home Foreclosure Fraud
A promising case - if YOU want to do something other than whine and complain, order this complaint from the court and transcribe it for use by people with the guts and brains to fight for their homes.
Christine09-17-03  11:43 pm
Aurelia and Dilujunal succeeded in getting this forum closed to new postings.

Christine22 10-03-03  03:41 pm
Wells Fargo - the saga continues Christine08-18-03  11:27 pm
WELLS FARGO MUST BE ACCOUNTABLEChristine08-09-03  04:48 am
Fed may review Wells Fargo lending as merger pendsChristine08-02-03  02:58 am - the transcripts of Colorado foreclosure hearingChristine07-29-03  03:23 am
Poor accountingChristine07-23-03  01:09 am
Another wells fargo accounting mistake
Made all payments, but WF is foreclosing
Christine07-21-03  12:38 am
WF "lost" payments and threatens to forecloseChristine07-10-03  12:48 am
Our Wells Fargo Mess
The court ordered WF to pay $22,000 in legal fees after WF had attempted to wrongfully foreclose.

WF then ADDED those $22,000 to the mortgage and proceeded to foreclose AGAIN!

Now in court and I sure hope they are ordered to pay the $3,000,000 in damages!
Christine13 10-16-03  07:46 pm
5/3/03: California revoked Wells Fargo mortgage lending license
"Consumers who feel that they have been improperly overcharged by Wells Fargo should contact the OCC at 800-613-6743"

-- Federal court: Wells Fargo needs no stinking license.

Sure, they're so big, who gives a damn, just let them do whatever they want!

After all, they bribe the legislators very well. See
Christine12-08-03  11:23 pm
A Warning From Me And Those Who Trusted Wells Faro MortgageChristine Baker05-16-03  10:28 pm
Complaint wellsfargoMrfritz09-08-03  11:02 pm
We Just arrived at our home to find it EMPTY and locks changedChristine Baker03-17-03  08:10 pm
Why nothing ever changes ...
... and why I won't work free of charge for people in similar situations. I'll help you publicize your story - but that's all I can do.
Christine Baker13 07-09-03  12:23 am
Pennsylvania WF construction loan problem
Borrower decided not to hire Target Homes to build, he was assured it was NO problem. He went to closing and all of a sudden they demanded application, apprasial and other fees.

After the borrower filed a complaint with the BBB against Target Homes, WF loan officer Thomas Coronetto wrote a letter on their behalf.
Christine Baker10-17-02  02:16 pm
I lost my home to WF but I haven't given upChristine30 07-10-03  02:22 pm
More problems with Wells Fargo accountingChristine Baker12-21-02  11:22 pm
Wells Fargo Does it againChristine Baker04-05-03  09:54 pm
Wells Farge Home Mortgage strikes againChristine Baker01-14-03  04:04 pm
Wells Fargo and other banking related LINKS
California revokes mortgage license, feds say Wells Fargo needs no license.

They must be properly greased.
Christine24 12 08-09-03  02:53 pm
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